The Power of Shoes


Remember the days when you used to play dress up in your mother’s closet? Remember the feeling you got when you put on her lipstick and high heel shoes? What is it about heels that just instantly boost your mood (and height)??

Forget prescription drugs. We vote for shoes, and lots of them. Possibly thanks to the Sex and the City franchise, designer shoes are being more and more popular, and more and more jaw dropping. Really, spend some time in any major department store’s shoe department and try not to feel a sense of joy and awe at these delightful creations. Admittedly some are nearly impossible to walk in and will likely kill your feet (too many times to count!) but man, the excitement, the ego boost and confidence you get from knowing you’re strutting it in a killer pair of heels is hard to come by with any other fashion accessory. The satin, the lace, the sequins, the sparkle, the platform, the stiletto, the studs and spikes. Come on – you know you look good.


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