Fashion designers. You have to give them props for having the vision, talent and creative ability to design and fabricate, year after year, tremendous creations. Even greater accolades should go to the minds at the helms great fashion powerhouses. Those, now, create haute couture fashions so grand and elaborate they are works of art in and of themselves. Truly, they’re one of a kind creations – impossible to wear but impossible not to stare.




Maybe that’s why it’s called high fashion – because it’s more or less unattainable – and maybe that’s why we love it. There’s something about the color, the detailing, the draping, the cut, the embellishments that stirs up whimsy and desire. Whether it’s being modeled on a runway or shot for a glossy magazine spread, some looks are so haute couture that all you can really do is just gasp, admire with awe and reaffirm your love with fashion.


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