Name That Price

How much would you pay for a manicure? How about a dress?

When news first broke about Kelly Osbourne’s $250k manicure I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and stayed that way for a solid five minutes. Sure it was the Emmys and yes, everyone was dressed to the nines but seriously – a quarter of a million dollars on just your nails?! That’s spending money on one pinky than most people do for a car. I don’t even know how you get 267-carats worth of black diamonds on your digits.

But in the world of celebrities and fashion is that really a surprise?

For Ukraine Fashion Week, British designer Debbie Wingham created a dress. A black diamond dress. 50 2-carat black diamonds plus six months of sewing equals a 29lb dress that costs an estimated $5.6 million.

I wonder how much it would cost to dry clean.

For me, if I had millions at my disposal, this dress or that manicure would not make my list of must-haves. Don’t get me wrong – I do have a serious love for fashion but for me, there’s a line to be drawn at frivolous splurges.

What about you? Would you get either of these??


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