When news broke in August that Jennifer Aniston was engaged, I’m pretty sure members of Team Jen were thrilled. I get it – she’s been through a lot. But what I really wanted to know was what her engagement ring looked like, so when photos finally came out this week (ooh the waiting!), my eyes were ready to gawk. Here ya go:

Despite the fuzzy photo, here’s one thing you can conclude: It. Is. Massive. No deets yet on specs but it looks like one enormous solitaire. Love it because it’s huge or hate it because it’s gaudy, this ring could definitely double as a signaling device if she were ever lost in the desert or out at sea.

Joking aside, it got me thinking about prior celeb engagements, so I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite celebrity engagement rings.

Beyonce. 18 carats. Flawless. Platinum. $5 million. By Lorraine Schwartz.

Kim Kardashian. 20.5 carats. Emerald cut with trapezoids. By Lorraine Schwartz.

Jennifer Garner. 4.5 carats. Cushion cut. $500,000. By Harry Winston.

Hilary Duff. 14 carats. Radiant cut. $1 million.

Adriana Lima. 5 carats. Round cut with surrounding micro pavé.

Molly Sims. 5.2 carats. Cushion cut with halo. By Lorraine Schwartz.

Gisele Bundchen. 4 carats. Brilliant round solitaire. $150,000.

Elizabeth Taylor. 33.19 carats. Asscher cut. Flawless. By Harry Winston.

So those are my favorites, what are yours??







5 responses to “Ring-a-ding-ding

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