The Scariest Shoes I’ve Ever Seen

Ever wanted to be a foot taller?

Move over McQueen – you’ve been dethroned as the creator of the craziest shoes of all time. Back in 2010, Alexander McQueen debuted his Armadillo heels at his spring show. The 12-inch design was so extreme that a number of models refused to wear them and were subsequently dropped from his runway show. Of course, that didn’t stop Lady Gaga from wearing them in her “Bad Romance” music video. As crazy high and hopeless impractical as those infamous shoes were, believe it or not, someone has designed something even more crazy and more impractical.

South African artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg collaborated to create a shoe they call “Scary Beautiful.” Take a look:

Scary? Yes. Beautiful? Debatable. An artistic commentary on the fashion industry, these backwards-looking shoes require the wearer to channel her inner ballerina and point her toes while resting her shins on the “heels” for balance. For more details on the inspiration behind van der Vyver’s creation, you can read the whole story here.

What’s your take on these “Scary Beautiful” shoes?


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