Outside the Box: 5 Crafty Ways to Organize Your Bling

If your run-of-the-mill jewelry box just isn’t your style or you prefer to show off your baubles in a more visually appealing way, then here are 5 clever and crafty ways to tidy your trinkets.

1) Ever wander around the housewares department, garage sales, flea markets or boutique shops and see all those great trays for entertaining? Yes, they’d be great for parties and serving snacks, but they can also be used as a catch-all for your jewelry. The sections help to keep everything separate, plus with so many styles, you’re bound to find one (or two or three!) that suits your style.

Not just for entertaining

2) Have lots of small stud earrings? Keep them paired up in an ice cube tray. Colorful and in fun shapes, ice cube trays are a great way to stop the search for that other earring. Also great for keeping ring sets in order.

Not just for ice cubes

3) Ever seen one of these? If you usually hang up your hat and coat on one of these, here’s another idea: try your necklaces. With plenty of pegs for necklaces of any length, a wall-mounted accordion peg rack will help keep your strands untangled and easy to find.

Not just for coats and scarves

4) Not a coffee drinker? Not a problem. Stylish cups and saucers like these make for great little storage compartments for all your jewels. Get them in a set or mix and match. They’re lovely to display on the dresser, but also small enough to tuck away in a drawer.

Bodum espresso cups and saucers – quick, easy, stylish

5) Ever travel with your jewelry only to find that they’ve become a tangled ball of a mess or you’re missing an earring? For the small accessories, try packing them in these stackable pill containers. With screw on lids, nothing will go missing and necklaces won’t get jumbled.

Fuss-less travel


Have other great ideas or tips for storing your jewelry? Let’s hear ’em!


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